What Are Wheel Locks and Why Would You Want Them?

A lot of car owners appreciate the way that customized alloy or aluminum rims and wheels enhance the look of their cars. Not only are they a great source of pride, they also increase the financial value of the vehicle as well.

If you have you installed custom tires and/or rims on your car then you probably have invested a considerable amount of money so that your car looks more attractive and handles better. But have you done anything to protect your investment?

Since the majority of custom wheels don’t have any unique serial numbers or identifiers, if your wheels are stolen it is highly unlikely that they will be recovered. And that’s making the big assumption that law enforcement officials will take the time to track them down in the first place.

Unless you take additional precautions then you are offering an open invitation to thieves who would love to steal your prized possessions.

You know that when it comes time to rotate your tires, change your tires, have access to your brakes, or perform other types of car maintenance, you can easily take your tires off with just an ordinary lug wrench. Unfortunately, thieves can do this as well.

If you are just using the lug nuts that came with your car then it would be rather easy for someone to jack your car up and then use a simple lug wrench in order to take your rims and tires off your car and drive away with them.

You Can Protect Your Investment with Wheel Locks

If you want to prevent a thief from stealing your customized wheels and rims you just have to make a very modest investment in wheel locks. This is especially true if you live in an urban area that has a high incidence of car thefts

A wheel lock is a specialized lug nut that is designed to prevent the theft of your spare tire as well as the tires that hit the road.

Like conventional lug nuts, wheel locks bolt your wheels to your motor vehicle. Most applications require that you use only four wheel locks on your vehicle – one for each of your wheel and tire combinations. The rest of your lug nuts can be the ones that came with your vehicle.

Companies that manufacture wheel locks take pride in being able to offer hundreds of different and unique key combinations. This reduces the possibility of a thief being able to steal your accessories with a similar key.

However, since most companies sell their wheel locks with one set of keys you should consider having another set made and keeping it in a safe place.

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