Expert Cleaning Guidelines For Custom Wheels

From stone wheels of primitive times to the sparkling alloy or chrome wheels of the 21st century, wheels have come a long way in deciding the appearance of a vehicle. Gone are the days when riding a vehicle was considered a mere necessity. With latest technological offerings, the emphasis on style and luxury now matters the most. One can customize his vehicle’s wheels by choosing steel wheels, chrome wheels, alloy wheels, spoke wheels, antique chrome wheels or the even powder-coated ones. Investing in custom wheels costs around $1500 to $1600. When such cost is involved, its proper care and handling also becomes essential.

Handling of your custom wheels chiefly relates to its cleaning techniques. Wheels should be cleaned on a regular basis as they catch up maximum dust and dirt in comparison to other parts of the vehicle. The brake pads attract maximum dust to the wheels; the rest comprises of dirt, tar, oil, and roadway gunk. Weekly cleaning of your custom wheels not only sparkles up your vehicle’s appearance but also protects it from further damage.

The cleaning process should be initiated only after reading through the manufacturer’s guidelines. The kind of metal used in the wheel should be taken note of. Chrome wheels need more cleaning than the steel ones. Nevertheless, all wheels do require quality detergent and cleaners to get rid off every stain. Water should be used in plenty to prevent any trace of oxidation. Once the cleaning is over, get your wheels a protective polish that complements the metal in your custom wheel. Use of harsh or abrasive materials should be avoided as they can damage the wheel finishing.

Another point to be kept in mind is the temperature of your custom wheels. The cleaning should be done once the wheels have cooled down. It’s always better to clean the wheels in the shade as hot and sunny exposure can cause cleaners to induce adverse effect on your vehicle.

Cleaning your custom wheels should begin in a step-wise manner. Begin cleaning the rim wheel with a brush to reach the spokes and the far-ending places. The tires should be cleaned next and polished with a protective coating, which helps prevent cracking and drying out of the rubber. Once the tires are polished, the entire process can be wrapped up by polishing the custom wheel.

Easy and convenient, custom wheels can be cleaned without any fuss by keeping in mind some of the necessary guidelines. So get set to clean your vehicle like an expert- with these cleaning tips, a dazzling vehicle and envious glances are guaranteed!
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